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Tide predictions and marine weather forecasts for selected coastal locations around the Gulf of Mexico


Coastal Locations

The U.S. region of the Gulf of Mexico contains locations beginning at Port Isabel, Texas, moving north to the Mississippi River delta, east to Apalachicola Bay in the Big Bend region of Florida, then down the west coast of Florida to Key West, with many points in-between.

The Mexico region of the Gulf of Mexico contains locations beginning with San Miguel de Cozumel, moving north to Cancun, west to Progreso, Celestun, Campeche, Ciudad del Carmen and Coatzacoalcos, then north to Heroica-Veracruz and Tampico.

Cuba locations are now Six in total, including Havana, Puerto Esperanza, Dimas, Arroyos de Mantua, Marina Gaviota Cabo San Antonio and Ensenada Maria la Gorda. Note: Ensenada Maria la Gorda is located in the far west of Cuba's Guanahacabibes Peninsula in Pinar del Rio province, it sits on the eastern edge of the Yucatan Channel as a magnificent fishing and diving outpost.

Our Map

The Gulf of Mexico map is an extremely useful reference. Zoom in to any coastal location to find an overlay of nautical chart data providing reference depths at mean low water. This information is for casual reference only. It should not be used for small boat navigation, especially where safety at sea is a concern.

To obtain official NOAA Nautical Charts for navigation, go directly to this well-known reseller, Nautical Charts Online, ask for NOAA Charts - Gulf Coast.

Also note that the U.S. Coast Guard routinely updates published NOAA charts via regular broadcasts and published, downloadable PDFs as official "Notices to Mariners". Visit the USCG Navigation Center, find your specific district, then hunt for any local, recent Notices to Mariners. The USCG "Notices to Mariners" do not extend to the coastal areas of Mexico and Cuba. For Mexico Notices to Mariners, published monthly regarding any developments that pose a threat to coastal navigation. These "Notices" are published by the General Office of Oceanography, Hydrography and Meteorology ( DIGAOHM ) of Mexico's Navy.

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The Kingfisher Mobile API is the official mobile Tides & Weather application for The Seahawk Online. Use The Kingfisher Mobile API for retrieving tide and weather data related to pre-defined locations around the Gulf of Mexico. Please utilize The Seahawk Online for additional information regarding tides, currents, weather and numerous published articles on fishing. You will find much to read. See, for example, our Hook and Talon section for related content pages.

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